The Lamont-Hussey Observatory
Naval Hill, Bloemfontein, South Africa

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The Lamont-Hussey Observatory was officially opened in 1928 by the mayor of Bloemfontein City. It was situated on Naval Hill, in the Franklin Game Reserve near the city centre.
It was owned by the University of Michigan and closed in 1974 when the huge 27 inch refractor was dismantled and the building transformed into a drama theatre - today known as the Observatory Theatre.
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The auspicious and intriguing legacy of the Observatory lives on in the research currently done by persons from South Africa (ASSA History section) and United States of America (Michigan)
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On this dedicated webpage, you will find a wealth of information regarding the history and ever mounting research data surrounding this fascinating astronomical observatory. Jy kan ook 'n Afrikaanse artikel hier lees.

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