1.5 meter Boyden-UFS reflector (60 inch Rockefeller)

The 60 inch Boyden-UFS (Cassegrain-type) reflector is the largest telescope at Boyden and also the third largest in South Africa. It had a turbulent, though interesting history and was an important instrument for international astronomers visiting Boyden and South Africa from the early 1930's. Further reading: Comprehensive history on the ASSA History pages.

Research and current operations
It played an important role in scientific research for many decades, as it was the largest telescope in those early days in the southern hemisphere. From the mid 1980's into the 1990's, research slowly started coming to a temporary halt and the telescope was mostly used for special public and amateur events. International collaboration and funds ensured that the 60 inch was fully restored to a world-class research instrument in the early 2000's and today it takes part in global research efforts. Projects include the search for exoplanets (planets orbiting other stars), gamma ray bursts, the search for near-earth objects and various other tasks.

Photos of the dome and the 60 inch telescope inside...


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