Main Building & Library - Boyden Observatory

The main building at Boyden contained the administrative and research offices of the Observatory. A library housing many scientific and astronomical books forms part of the main building. The main building is included in Boyden's future plans as an important focus point for development and improvement, keeping in mind the historical perspective.

The age-old rooms and corriders adds a classic atmosphere to the Observatory's auspicious history. Visitors are warped into decades past and find themselves in an authentic world left by noted astronomers and their knowledge.

Photos of the main building and library...

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Contact Braam van Zyl at +27 051- 436 7555 (h) if you would like to become a member of the
Friends of Boyden, or email jalvzyl@mweb.co.za.

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This website: www.assabfn.co.za/friendsofboyden
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