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Pictures: Astro Expo 2008

Astro Expo at Eunice Primary, Bloemfontein
8 March 2008

The Astro Expo was held on 8 March 2008 at Eunice Primary School, and was organized by ASSA Bloemfontein Centre in association with Eunice. The event consisted of astronomy exhibitions, demonstrations, multi-media talks, children's activities and sky watching. Many prizes were given away, including a green laser pointer, EZfinder, Barlow lens, books, and a 6 inch Dobsonian telescope.

All photos by Hannes Pieterse.

Shortly before the prize giving ceremony at 18h00, about 112 people gathered in the School Hall amongst a plethora of self-made telescopes. Estimates put the total number of people who attended the event at about 310.

The audience listening to a talk by Jacques van Delft relating to the Sun on the presentation balcony.

Mia Zeelie (centre right), organizer of the 2008 Astro Expo, leading the highly successful children's activities on the playground.

James Ross (left) presents a demonstration on "how to make your own telescope" to a group of onlookers in the school hall. Many people were motivated by his session to build their own telescopes.

Water rocket launching on the playground attracted a huge crowd. Children received 2 liter bottles and had the opportunity to launch their own rockets. Lots of fun indeed!

A view of the self-made telescopes on exhibit, the Boyden Science Centre exhibition at right and the Eunice Astro Team stall top right. The ATM'ers table can be seen top centre.

Star gazing in the evening on the playground.

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