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Current website news

Current news
items are posted on the main page of the website and carried over to this page as time goes by. Please go to main page for current month's news.

Previous website news (2007-2008)

[September 2008] The club now has a Yahoo forum for communication between members and the sharing of information, ideas and links. All members' email addresses have been added to the list [link..]
[August 2008] See photo mosaic of the lunar eclipse taken by Hannes Pieterse on his blogsite. [link..]
[August 2008] New committee chosen for the 2008/2009 year for ASSA Bloemfontein [more..]
[August 2008] Beware the Mars hoax! It is doing the rounds per email again... Mars will NOT come so close to the Earth on August 27 that it will look as large as the full mooon. [More information..]
[August 2008] Club AGM on 6 August 2008 (Wednesday) at the Department of Physics, UFS, at 19h00. Election of new committee and a short presentation on the highlights of Science-Fiction movies, TV series, books and computer games of the past.
[March 2008] See photos of the Astronomy Expo held at Eunice School on 8 March 2008.

[3 November 2007] More information about comet Holmes on the national ASSA website [link..]
[1 July 2007] Deep sky observation evening at De Oude Kraal Country Estate on Friday 6 July 2007 at 18h30 for members - see email...
[30 June 2007] Latest news in SA Astronomy, as well as sky data, placed on the national ASSA website [link..]
[17 June 2007] Membership dues for 2007/2008 is now payable (by latest: 21 July 2007). Please see your email...
[16 June 2007] Dark sky times: plan your deep sky sessions by referring to handy dark sky reports (submitted by Hannes Pieterse and generated by Deep Sy Planner) - [June 2007] [July 2007] (more months..)
[15 June 2007] Download a list of deep sky objects for late autumn/early winter, for binoculars and telescopes (download)
[14 June 3007] A new version of Stellarium is available! Download v 0.9.0 from (35 MB).
[28 May 2007] Any person interested in building their own telescope should contact the club
[20 May 2007] Telescopes by members "Hall-of-Fame" updated with new photos (more..)
[02 May 2007] Photos of ScopeX (21 April in JHB) on the Psychohistorian website (link..)

[4 April 2007] Visit the National ASSA website for the latest SA Astronomy news (link..)
[22 March 2007] New comet in the southern morning skies: Lovejoy C/2007 E2 (more information)
[05 March 2007] Dedicated workshop in Astrophotography by Richard Berry of the USA on 20 April 2007 in JHB.
[04 March 2007] For photos of the Lunar Eclipse taken by Southern Africans, go to ASSA National's website
[26 February 2007] Opvoedkundige inligtingspamflet vir nuuskieriges: vind meer uit oor die sonnestelsel, die ruimte (PDF)
[25 February 2007] Bookmark the date: proposed deep sky evening for members on Thu 8 March 2007.
[25 February 2007] Note that the 10 March workshop has been moved to 17 March!
[22 February 2007] Be sure to take part in ASSA's Lunar Eclipse competition with your digicam on March 3/4.
[21 February 2007] List of 9 selected deep sky objects for the Summer of 2006/2007 (go to deep sky page..)
[19 February 2007] Download information brochures about Scope-X on 21 April 2007 in Afrikaans or English.
[07 February 2007]
Astronomy & Science Crossword Puzzle: an Energizer Headlight is to be won valued at R120 (download pdf)
[30 January 2007] Beginnerskursus in praktiese amateur sterrekunde op 24 Februarie 2007. Vind meer inligting.
[21 January 2007] Comet McNaught made a spectacular appearance over South Africa. Photos and information.
[20 January 2007] Laai 'n handige PDF pamflet in Afrikaans of Engels af met meer inligting oor komeet McNaught.
[18 January 2007] Comet photos by members have appeared on the website of! (link..) [11 January 2007] Calendar for 2007 is now available on the website. Access calendar.
[02 January 2007] SID solar ionosphere observations by Jacques van Delft: download image. Naghemel article to appear...
[01 January 2007] The 2007 Sky Guide is now available from the club at R60 each. Contact us, or go to the ASSA page with more info. This is an indispensable tool for ANYONE with an interest in astronomy - beginner, amateur and professional alike.

[01 January 2007]
Best of 2007: monthly almanac of celestial and astronomical events in a handy printable format, compiled by Auke Slotegraaf. Visit to download and print out the southern sky almanack.

For club history dated back as long ago as establishment in 1959, please access the Archives.

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