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Scope-X 2006, 6 May 2006, Johannesburg

Telescopes on dispaly at ScopeX 2006

Telescopes on dispaly at ScopeX 2006

The ASSA Bloemfontein stand at ScopeX 2006

The ASSA Bloemfontein stand at ScopeX 2006

F.l.t.r. Hannes Pieterse, Pat van Heerden, Gerrit Penning, Mia Zeelie.
Not on photo: Matie Hoffman, James Ross. Photo by Eric Matthews.

Sunset scene at ScopeX 2006

Scope-X 2005, 16 April 2005, Johannesburg

The exhibition stand of ASSA Bloemfontein Centre - with Phillip and James' 8 inch telescopes taking centre stage.

The posters in the stand contained general astronomy information and attracted many onlookers. The posters were from the Clubhouse.

Phillip's 8 inch Dobsonian telescope.

Different angle of the stand - the judges inspecting James's telescope.

James's 8 inch Dobsonian telescope.

A full house in the ASSA Bloemfontein stand!

Some of the other alluring self-made telescopes on display at ScopeX 2005.

Wide field view of the surroundings at ScopeX
Scope-X 2004, 24 April 2004, Johannesburg
All 2006 photos courtesy of Hannes Pieterse (ASSA Bloemfontein Centre), unless otherwise indicated

Scope-X, hosted by ASSA Johannesburg Centre, was again a great success. The organizers did a great job in ensuring a fully packed day. (Photo by Gerrit Penning)

The setting, at the War Museum was perfect for the day's activities and gave more than adequate exhibition space.
(Photo by Gerrit Penning)

Some of the telescopes on display

Numerous presentations were held throughout the day in the Auditorium, almost fully packed each time.

The mobile planetarium stationed at Scope-X that day is visible on this photo at the top.

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