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Pictures: Sutherland Tour 2004

Sutherland Tour 2004
Organized by ASSA Bloemfontein Centre and the Friends of Boyden
Sutherland Tour 2004

The tour was a great success and truly a memorable experience for all.
Thanks for everyone's participation on the tour and a special thanks to our tour coordinator, Ernie Langner, for the hours of effort that went into the planning. Thanks also to Marilize and Lize for all the organization surrounding the food!
Members who went along who wish to write an article for the Newsletter on any aspect of the tour, please contact Juan-Marié Bower.

Thanks also go out to SAAO for the opportunity to visit their observation station, especially Karel for the planning and also Francois who gave us a guided tour.

Members who want to have their pictures posted here, please email Gerrit.

Sutherland Tour - 19 March 2004

Ready to depart, from the Physics Building, UFS, 11:00

Stoping over at the Vanderkloof Dam on 19 March

Vanderkloof Dam - one of the largest dams in SA

Sunset on the 19th over the dry, but inspiring Karoo landscape

Sutherland Tour - 20 March 2004
Williston - area around the hostel

Brunch in Williston on the 20th

Church in Williston

On the road to the town of Sutherland

Bird life along the road

Entering the town of Sutherland

Sutherland Tour - 20 March 2004, SAAO

First sight - the SALT dome visible in the middle of the hill

The entrance to SAAO's Observation station at Sutherland

The reception area in the visitor's building

Driving to the domes - SALT visible

Our energetic guide - Francois - who is also a night observer on the 20 inch!

View of the domes on the hill

The 1.9 meter telescope and the SALT domes

SALT at last!

One of the most majestic sights in the world of science - the SALT 10 meter telescope. A photo will never convey the size and true character of the instrument...

The town of Sutherland from the townhill, population 2030 at time of visit

Sutherland Tour - 21 & 22 March 2004 - Karoo National Park

21 March - Karoo mountains towards Beaufort-West, photo taken on the game drive

Buck in the bushes seen on the game drive, centre of photo

Bird watching at a canyon

Sunset over the Mountains in the Karoo National Park

22 March - the Camping site at the foot of the hill

The chalets centering around the reception area in the Park

Our Tour coordinator - Ernie Langner, explaining some Mesozoic Karoo mysteries on the Dinosaur path in the Park!

View of the chalets and surroundings area

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